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Oscar Lidenbrock

Oscar Lidenbrock

Oscar Lidenbrock

Oscar Lidenbrock


Country: Spain
Region: Cork (Irlanda)
History: show
Methods to contact, can be found here.
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Many years from now, when I return to this place, I want to have memories of the things I experienced, the places I traveled to, and the people with whom I shared it.

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  • Goals and objectives in life

Throughout my life, I have achieved personal goals that I set for myself, including becoming an engineer, making a living through programming, becoming a digital nomad, and traveling…

But there are still many goals and aspirations I want to pursue:

Focused on…

  • Be recognized as a good developer
  • Create a definitive personal blog
  • Get back into very good physical shape
  • Have a really good English level
  • Visit 50 countries (1/50)
  • Visit the five continents (1/5)

Goals completed…

  • Become a developer
  • Have served in the army (6 years)
  • Living as a digital nomad
  • Travel around Spain

Pending to start…

  • Acquire the skill of horseback riding
  • Being in zero gravity
  • Buy a camper/caravan
  • Buy a house with land
  • Create my own company
  • Embark on a journey around the world in a single trip
  • Experience an Eagles Super Bowl
  • Form a family
  • Have an amazing studio/office
  • Have dogs again
  • Have/adopt a child
  • Know how to take good photographs
  • Learn Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Learn to play (well) an instrument
  • Live abroad
  • Make a video game
  • Meet Roberta and Ken Williams
  • Meet Ron Gilbert
  • Practice Aikido again
  • Save €500,000
  • Spend a weekend in Las Vegas
  • That they talk about me in a magazine/newspaper
  • Travel and explore Japan
  • Travel Route 66
  • Try parachute jumping
  • Visit a buddhist temple
  • Work in a big company
  • Write a novel
  • Write a programming book
  • Write and produce a documentary
  • Videos
  • Personal podcast

Soon, I will start a project creating videos where I'll showcase my travels and aspects of my life, speaking in the first person, but the time hasn't come just yet.

  • Vehicles
  • Skills
  • Hobbies

In my free time, I like to enjoy movies, series and video games. Reading novels was also always important to me, since I was little, because they taught me the type of life I wanted to have.

Here, I have a list of the content that I am consuming, and if I enjoy it, I will leave a entry in reviews.

Residence history

  • 2023: Zaragoza (España)
  • 2022: Lloret de Mar, Girona (España)
  • 2016: Pineda de Mar, Barcelona (España)
  • 2012: Barcelona (España)
  • 2009: Madrid (España)
  • 2009: Málaga (España)
  • 2007: Barcelona (España)
  • 2003: Zaragoza (España)
  • 2003: Galicia (España)
  • 2002: San Fernando, Cádiz (España)
  • 1999: Barcelona (España)
  • 1988: El Masnou, Barcelona (España)
  • 1981: Motril, Granada (España)

() Stable residences of at least 6 months duration.

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